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Sugar Coating Machine

Sugar Coating Machine


This sugar coating machine sugarcoat the tablets and pills for pharmaceutical and food industries. It is also used for rolling and heating beans and edible nuts or seeds. As its feature, the sugarcoating round pot is elevated with a elevation 30° to the horizontal, the heater such as gas or electrical heater can placed directly under the pot. A separated blower with electric heater is provided with the machine. The pipe of the blower stretches into the pot for heating or cooling purpose. The thermal capacity can been selected in two levels.

Instruction character

This machine is made up of main body, worm wheel box, pot of sugar-pot, heating equipment, blower and electric equipment, the motor makes the worm wheel, worm, revolve by the vee belt, the sugar-coat pot is revolving. Under the centrifugal force, the material roll in the pot up and down, so that the sugar-coat fixed, the pill is made and smoothed.